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Воспитываем поколение прогрессивно мыслящих лидеров, стремящихся к непрерывному образованию, прогрессу и лучшему будущему в нашем быстро меняющемся мире

Детский сад
Начальная школа
Средняя школа
Старшая школа
Для детей 4-17 лет
Батуми: ул. Абусеридзе, 11
Тбилиси: ул. Анны Политковской, 39
Кутаиси: Агмашенебели. 20 Speak English, Georgian

Our beliefs and values are embodied in our school culture and the climate that our learning community has created through dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and diligence.

We believe in the values of secular education as reflective of the enduring moral, ethical and civic principles of humanity. We believe: Each child is unique and has varied interests and aspirations. Our school community is committed to ensuring that our students feel their uniqueness and aspirations are respected and nurtured.

We believe in a sustainable learning community, we are dedicated to life- long learning for school faculty and students. Our staff believes in commitment and academic integrity. We respect diversity and recognize that students can make progress, they can and should have input into the goals and aspirations of school leadership and that school staff can create unique culture of learning and service.


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