Newton free school

To uncover and harness its students’ potential to shape them into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring global citizens who can take the lead in making the world a better place.

Для детей 6-18 лет
Начальная школа
Средняя школа
Старшая школа
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Тбилиси, Anna Politkovskaya Street N30

Newton Free School was founded in 2013. It represents a general education institution and welcomes the students of Grades 1 to 12 for enrollment.

It is our goal to enhance the students’ independent and critical thinking skills from their early years. In addition to the obligatory programs required by the National Curriculum the students of our school are offered advanced educational programs designed uniquely for them. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to inquire into supplementary knowledge and skills beyond the National Curriculum.

Newton Free School offers a cozy and attractive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning processes. The school is equipped with indispensable infrastructure and educational laboratories. We take into consideration the opinions and desires of the students in order to turn school life into an appealing adventure.

Preschool - 10.00 - 18.00

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